IQ: 16.000 m2

High level of technical automation labels VIG Plaza as one of the “smart” buildings.

Energy efficient central power-control system provides you with safe, comfortable and enjoyable workspace, nevertheless it saves energy and reduces pollution.

System of modern heat pumps, cooling without air-fans (cooling joist system), mechanical insertion of air and ventilation grant the humane microclimate with low maintenance costs.

VIG Plaza is a smart space, full of smart solutions, for smart business.

It can’t get any smarter.

“Smart” means equipped, swift, dependable and safe.

VIG Plaza is outfitted with state-of-the-art information technology (WLAN, GSM internal antennae) and quality and reliable IT-infrastructure.

High level of security of you business in VIG Plaza is maintained by video surveillance system with video interphone, electronic access control, alarm system and 24/7 on-duty security service, as well as up-to-date fire protection technology (sprinkler system).

The facility management of the building and its non-stop service are at your disposal in VIG Plaza.

The building’s telephone system has a 24 h service line.

VIG Plaza provides essential improvement.

It is a “smart” building, and a smart choice.

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